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Wikipedia Offers Comprehensive Introduction to Homeschooling

December 28, 2006

For those of you who have yet to dive in to homeschooling ideology and culture, Wikipedia’s homeschooling entry has a lot to offer. Even those of us with extensive homeschooling experience may learn a thing or two about the craft, politics, and science of home education. There are also a variety of helpful links that [...]

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Homeschooled Entrepreneurs Get the Green

December 14, 2006

A group of Comox Valley, British Columbia homeschoolers are learning how to make big bucks using real world entrepreneurship skills. They learn about having to buy what is needed for their product, and come up with what they spend on it. The students may even have to get a loan to produce their product. Along [...]

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Homeschool Entrepreneurship

December 11, 2006

Here’s an interesting story about a homeshooled high school student who is turning his artistic abilities into a college fund. The 10th grader is currently proficient in the art of seed-beading, fuse glass, and is learning how to make silver pendants. Pressler is currently selling his artwork at Jon-Ellen’s Flowers and Gifts of Gaffney and [...]

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Homeschoolers Celebrate Monday Funday

December 7, 2006

Town Online has a wonderful writeup about a Masachusettes Co-op program called Monday Funday. Assuaging the doubts that many new homeschool parents have about their children’s socialization, this program enables youngsters to ineract with one another once a week in a safe learning environment. Monday Funday is held specifically to engage homeschoolers in activities with [...]

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Homeschool Mom Risks Jail

December 4, 2006

A Pennsylvania Mom was recently sentenced to jail time on account of homeschooling her teenaged son. Recognizing that her son was unable to comprehend middle school learning material, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She faces almost $4,000 in truancy fines, but has little personal funds to pay them. Unless the county [...]

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