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What Grade Are You In?

November 25, 2008

-by Mimi Rothschild When an adult meets a child, it is very likely that the first question asked will be, “What grade are you in?” For our homeschool students, the answer might be, “I’m in first grade reading, fourth grade math, and everything else is second grade” or “I get to go at my own [...]

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Parent Learning: A Homeschool Side Benefit

November 19, 2008

-by Mimi Rothschild When we think of homeschooling’s benefits, we usually think of the opportunity to provide a first-class education at much less than the cost of a typical private school, the chance each child has to work at his or her own pace and in the best way for that particular child, or the [...]

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Inspiring a Reluctant Learner

November 13, 2008

Maybe you’re one of the blessed ones and all of your children pay perfect attention and are thrilled to participate in all their subjects. But if you’re like most, you have at least one student that makes completing math problems or writing a paragraph like pulling teeth. So what can you do to inspire that reluctant learner?

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