Mimi Rothschild Brings You “Overcoming Your Homeschooling Fears”

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Mimi Rothschild Brings You “Overcoming Your Homeschooling Fears”
by JT M

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (KJB). Overcoming your fears of homeschooling is the first step in making one of the most important decisions of your life as well as your child’s life. The opportunity to homeschool your children is not only a blessing but it is a privilege. It is well understood that not everyone is able to home school, but for those that do, the chance should be seized upon. No one loves your child more than you do, therefore you are the one that can make the greatest impact on his or her life. It is your reasonability to ensure your child’s development and what better way to guarantee your child’s maximum potential than your personal involvement.
Some fear their child will not acquire the best education. When you homeschool you can closely monitor his or her pace of development and allow him or her to do their very best. Too many times in public schools they focus on the “middle of the road” students (due largely to the vast number of students in overcrowded classrooms) henceforth, some children are held back while others are given “social promotions”. Homeschool gives your child the advantage of moving on in a subject if they are advanced or taking the time to grasp the subject completely before moving on making certain they have the skills necessary to achieve the goals they have for their lives.
Some fear they are not qualified to educate. In most cases, no one is more qualified to educate your child than you. There are so many good curriculums available now that lays everything out for you that the argument of being under qualified is now null and void.
Some fear the social development of their child. This is somewhat understandable considering the fact that they will need dexterity in interacting with others when they become adults. Again, with all of the positive community sports programs, clubs, and other sources of social interaction such as Churches, the argument is minimal at best. This the greatest gateway to have an impact on his or her life, to instill in them the morals and values that are so needed to become a productive member of society.
So I urge you to have courage in your decision of homeschooling your child. Consider this statement: Courage is not the absence of fear but rather it is going on in spite of fear.
I have found a wealth of information that can guide you every step of the way in your exciting journey of your child’s superior education.


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