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Sit right down and enjoy a nice steaming cup of homeschooling news! Here at The Homeschooling News Cafe, I’ll provide you with the latest homeschooling stories. If it’s a homeschooler who won a spelling bee or a new law preventing Californian’s from homeschooling, you’ll find a news blurb here.

As homeschooling grows in popularity, you can be sure that the mainstream media will be covering it. That can be a good or bad thing. Many news sources don’t quite know how to grapple with the implications of homeschooling and misunderstand its proponents. Not so at The Homeschooling News Cafe.

I want to do my part to inform homeschool parents and students about news that’s going on in the wide world of homeschooling. Feel free to keep yourself posted by checking back once in a while or subscribing to our RSS feed. Either way, take a few minutes to get your daily fix of homeschooling news.

If you see a news story that I haven’t covered, please send it my way at blog[a]learningbygrace.org. I’m dedicated to spreading the word about issues that homeschoolers face!

In Him,
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