Mimi Rothschild has changed the way that people think about education through introducing innovative online learning tools for Christian home educators. She has been an outspoken voice in the home education world for twenty years, authoring books, writing articles, and developing cutting-edge online learning technology. She is the co-founder of Learning By Grace, a Christian company dedicated to providing families with quality academic materials via the internet.

In 1997, one of Rothschild’s eight children suffered from a critical illness that kept him bedridden in a hospital for the following two years. Spending countless hours at the bedside of her child, Rothschild was able to meet dozens of children who shared the same fate. These kids lacked educational solutions that other children were free to experience. Determined to help these children, she founded the National Organization for Children, dedicated to providing bedridden children with computers, among other efforts.

Throughout this time, Rothschild recognized the failure of the public school to meet the needs of these children. With little regard to the child’s individual learning style or physical capabilities, they offered a one-size-fits-all education. Furthermore, she was displeased with the worldview that public schools were pushing on children that she believed was antithetical to a Christian worldview. She turned her eye to home education and taught her eight children at home.

Using her experience from working in several Montessori schools and calling on her vast home education experience, Mimi Rothschild and her husband, Howard Mandel launched Learning By Grace. The purpose of this company was to provide children with online learning technology with a Christian worldview. The Grace Academy was designed to provide parents with freedom to tailor their curriculum according to their child’s needs while providing professional teacher assistance.

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