About The Grace Academy Online Homeschool

The Grace Academy is a complete online K-12 homeschooling academy that offers over 140 complete courses. These courses include the traditional four core curriculum courses: Math, Sscience, Language Arts, Social Studies as well as fascinating electives like Web Design and Introduction to Psychology.

The Grace Academy offers Christian homeschooling families a way to affordably and effectively train their children up in Christian truth. We started straight from the Scripture when developing our curriculum.

Homeschooling families around the world are recognizing that online education is the future of homeschooling. The Grace Academy is one of the leading online Christian curriculum developers, providing thousands of Christian families with excellent educational solutions.

Students of the Grace academy are encouraged to work at their own pace, enabling both special needs students and accelerated learners to thrive. Students will love learning because our curriculum isn’t about memorizing facts, only to forget them after a test. It’s about learning and growing in the Lord. It’s about being an informed citizen with a solidly Christian worldview.

To learn more, visit The Grace Academy home page.