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Look for the Flowers

Published on July 25, 2008 By Mimi Rothschild

by Mimi Rothschild Look for the Flowers We are so beset these days by storing the children engaging in vandalism, so deluged by reports of children guilty of law violations, so overcome with the evidence of their acts of cruelty and violence that we are forced to the conclusion that the extension range of juvenile [...]

Homeschoolers and Cultivating Good Manners

Published on July 25, 2008 By Mimi Rothschild

Pardon me, please. An important aspect of learning to get along with others is learning to be considerate of others. Courtesy is not in born: he just talked courtesy does not well up from the depths of the child loving desire to see other people happy at the cost of his own convenience inconvenience. He [...]

Homeschoolers Getting Along with Others

Published on July 25, 2008 By Mimi Rothschild

by Mimi Rothschild One of the most important traits of an employee is his ability to get along with others. This is what at least one employment interviewer looks for first in a potential employee. He states that the most frequent reason for discharging of workers is that they become troublemakers because they have never [...]

Homeschooling with FREE Online Videos

Published on July 10, 2008 By Mimi Rothschild

A wealth of phenomenal videos exist throughout the web and would be ideal for teaching homeschoolers. However, there is good news and bad news. Both the good newws and the bad news is the sheer magnitude of the numbers of potential videos. The downside is that it can be totally absolutely overwhelming and its faily [...]